Package B

Package B: Add a master bedroom from $161 a week over 25 years*

Renovate by converting your existing  living room to an additional master bedroom and ensuite with walk in robe and skylight from $119,200 including GST

Based on a typical living area with dimensions of 4.0m by 5.5m

  • Brick Veneer House
  • Tiled Gable Roof with Fink Truss
  • Timber Internal Walls
  • Timber Bearers and Joist Floor System with access panel

New Bedroom with Walk in robe $28,300 (incl GST)

  •  Based on a typical existing configuration of
  • Timber Floor system for non-wet areas
  • Existing floor coverings for living areas to be carpet
  •  New Timber Wall Frames
  •  New sound insulating wall linings
  •  $125 sqm supply and install non-wet areas, typical floor covering options include
  • Engineered hybrid
  • Vinyl
  • Bamboo
  • Timber veneer
  • Laminate
  • Carpet
  •  Removal of Existing Carpet
  •  Preparation and leveling for a typical timber floorboard floor system
  •  New Skirting where required
  • Removal of old skirting
  • Paint new skirting and affected walls
  • Patch affected wall linings
  •  New Walk in robe with shelving
  •  Includes 3 new power points
  •  Includes 2 new lights

New windows for new bedroom and ensuite with skylight $13,600 (incl GST)

  • 2 Sliding or Awning windows for bedrooms
  • 1 Privacy Window For Bathroom
  • 1 Fixed Skylight For Bathroom
  •  Location for 2 Sliding or Awning windows to be existing
  •  New Opening for Privacy window for bathroom
  •  New Roof Opening for Skylight
  •  Powered Coated Aluminum Frames Includes colour choice from a range of 10 standard colours.
  • Pearl White
  • Custom Black
  • Surfmist®
  • APO Grey
  • Monument®
  • Paperbark®
  • Anotec Natural
  • Woodland Grey®
  • Primrose
  • Dune®
  •  Double glazing system to Meet and exceed Australian Standards 2047, 1288 and 2208.
  •  Wind load performance to Australian Standard 4055.
  •  Flyscreen’s included to opening windows and sliding doors.
  •  New Moisture Barriers and Window Flashings to ensure weatherproof seal.
  •  Fixed Roof Skylight
  • Double glazed fixed roof window.
  • Insulated light well.
  • Custom roof flashings to suit roof design.
  •  Optional window treatment Upgrades
  • Low-e glass
  • Argon
  • Electrically opening skylight

New windows for new bedroom and ensuite with skylight $13,600 (incl GST)

  •  Based on a typical existing configuration of
  • Timber Floor system for non-wet areas
  • Existing floor coverings for living areas to be carpet
  •  New Timber Wall Frames as required
  •  New wall linings rated for wet area use.
  •  Patch existing wall linings.
  •  Waterproofing to wet areas.
  •  Full Height Wall to ceiling tiling
  • $50 sqm tile supply allowance for wet areas
  •  New Heat Fan Light Unit
  •  Includes 1 new power points
  •  New Inclusions. Total Allowance of $4,200 
  • Vanity and Basin
  • Shaving Cabinet
  • Shower/Bath
  • Toilet
  • Bathroom Accessories

Repaint Existing affected Walls and Ceiling and new Walls and ceiling - $8,300 (incl GST)

  •  Clean and sand existing walls and ceilings to for painting
  •  Includes patching small holes less than 25mm in diameter

New Services and Infrastructure for ensuite and bedroom $6,500 (incl GST)

  •  Supply and installation of sewer and drainage requirements to new ensuite
  •  Supply and installation of new water service to new ensuite
  •  Supply and installation of new electrical services to new ensuite and bedroom
  •  Connection will be made to your existing service and no upgrades have been included.
  •  Submission of work as executed drawings to the plumbing authorities.
  •  All new drainage work to be completed using uPVC.
  •  Manage certificate of electrical safety with power company and authorities.
  •  Final certification from plumbing authorities as required for Certificate of Occupancy.
  •  Existing sewer connection points to be within 5 meters of ensuite
  •  Please note: If existing landscaping must be disturbed in order to dig trenches required for underground services, the repair of this disturbance is not included, unless otherwise detailed. Please note that we assume existing plumbing and electrical works to meet all required codes.

Replace existing Hot water service with High Efficiency Heat Pump HWS - $4,800 (incl GST)

  •  Choice of electric heat pump hot water service.
  • Rinnai Enviroflo 315 Litre
  • Rheem Ambiheat 270 Litre
  •  Includes built in heat exchange system.
  •  Reduces power usage by an average of 70% compared to standard electric hot water systems.
  •  The builder will claim the relevant rebate for this system and the deduction for this rebate has been included in the total project price.

Upgrade to 3 phase power new board – EV Ready $7,900 (incl GST)

  •  Based on a typical configuration of
  • Single phase overhead service
  • Existing Meter box to be 600mmx600mm
  •  New 3 phase 16mm consumers mains from point of entry to meter box location
  •  New main earth stake & water bond to meet a standards
  •  Upgrade existing switchboard to 3 phase to meet extra load of solar and EV charger requirements.
  •  Supply & install all new safety switches as required
  •  Evo energy fees and charges for upgrade 3 phase service to house & disconnect old overhead service
  •  Optional Upgrade Solar Panel 6-kilowatt System - $7,800 (incl GST)
  • Solis-1P4.6K-4G 6.1kW Inverter
  • Choice of solar panels Up to 16 Panels.
    • Hyundai HiE-S390UF 
    • Q Cells Q.MAXX-G3 390 
    • Jinko Tiger JKM390M-6RL3

Documentation, planning Approvals and lifetime warranty - $17,400 (incl GST)

Project Plans and Documents

  •  Develop site-specific plans required for development and or building approval including, Survey Detail Plan, Site Plan, Floor Plans, Elevations and Sections.
  •  Manage forms and documents required for application of development and or building approval.

Building Approval Fees and Charges

  •  Payment of building and training levy government fees and charges. 

Structural Engineer

  •  Complete structural plans and specifications ready to lodge for building approval.
  •  Perform soil classification on proposed building site.

Building Energy Report

  •  Provide building energy report to comply with current planning requirements and building codes.
  •  Construction be completed to comply with building energy report.
  •  Changes to planning to building energy report requirements, effective after this agreement may not be included in the total project price.
  •  Upgrades to your existing building(s) that are required due to the project being an extension of the existing building(s) are not included, but may be required to meet planning and building code legislation.

Insurances and Licensing

Public Liability Insurance

  •  Public liability and contract works insurance.
  •  Owners are required to inform their insurance company of the work to be undertaken.

Home Warranty Insurance 

  •  Homeowners warranty insurance.

Safety and Site Management

Waste Management

  •  Removal of all building waste and packaging from the site.
  •  Skip bins will be used when access is possible. If not, vehicles when required will remove loads.
  •  If asbestos is found the removal of this will be provided as a variation addition


  •  Schedule of deliveries.
  •  Provide manual labour to manage deliveries and store materials appropriately.
  •  Use of existing storage areas, garages/carports may be required.

Potential Items

Please note that the below will require onsite visit and maybe subject to certifier, engineer and or specialist assessment for value of works.

  • Rubbish and personal items
  • Repairs to existing structure
  • Repairs to existing services and infrastructure to bring up to current codes and standards.
  • Asbestos Removal

* Weekly value is based on a typical principle and interest loan of 5.00% P.A. over 25 years.

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