Questions & Answers

Q: Why should we use your business?


We have five customer-centric guarantees. These are:

  • On-time - with penalties if we overrun.
  • On-budget is a fixed price agreement outlining all the quality inclusions provided clearly in writing before you sign.
  • Quality assurance - final client approval before final payment.
  • Communication - documented agreement that outlines what is and is omitted and systems to keep you informed during the entire process.
  • Safe and clean - our workplaces are safe for our employees, trade partners and visitors. Further, if you are not satisfied with the site's cleanliness, you can call one of the two directors, and within 24 hours notice, we will remedy your practical concerns, or a $500 payment will be provided.

In addition to the five customer guarantees that will form the basis of our HIA agreement, we consistently assist 50 clients per year with their significant extension or building their secondary dwellings.

This volume has allowed us to invest in staff and systems, enabling us to manage the design, planning approvals and project management "in house".

We have great partner trades that we trust and use on our projects, and these tradespeople assists and partner with us in extension projects.

One business managing the entire process provides efficiency and assurance, guaranteed and enshrined within your Housing Industry Association agreement.

Q: What's your business model?


We want to deliver a world-class project for the select customers that we engage with.

There is little value in our business undertaking significant extensions or building a second dwelling for someone. Then they engage an alternative company to undertake the renovations, and it becomes a nightmare.

We have great partner trades - traditionally called sub-contractors and trade supply partners.

Our trade partners, plumbers, plasters and tilers have great businesses and charge more than the average because we have partnered with high-quality craft and tradespeople.

If you focus on as cheap as possible, we will not be the ideal business for you.

 We manage all the designs, approvals and drawings; we then document all the work undertaken and appoint the relevant trade partners and professionals to complete the stages.

The work is guaranteed and documented in your HIA agreement, and comprehensive Home Warranty Insurance is provided.

Having one clear and concise agreement and program for work and payment stages that incorporate the extension and renovation work provides ease in finance and communication.

We created a separate brand because there are different systems and trades involved in renovations, and we wanted to grow into the future and develop a stand-alone business.

Q: Who are you?


We are a team of about 12 staff and about 50 partner trades. Our primary business is fixedpriceextensions.com.au, and as we assist customers with extensions, this business essentially manages all the other projects that customers want.

Our business manager is Jason Yeung, our two directors support him are Nick Constable (licensed builder), and Frank Walmsley (0400446605), our head of designs is Yana del Valle.

We are solely Canberra based.

Q: Are you a licensed builder?


Yes, we are. Our builder's Licence is 2012767 (ACT).

Our company is Turnkey Creations Pty Ltd and has been in operation since 2012. The ABN is 67155832732

Q: Where is your office?


Our office is located at level 2 80 Emu Bank Belconnen 2617.


It's directly above the Lighthouse bar, and there is lift access. At the door, there is disabled parking, and plenty of paid parking 8.30 am-5.30 pm and free parking on weekends and after hours.

Q: How many projects do you complete per year?


This year we will assist about 50 Canberra based customers with their extension and or major renovation project. These range from $100,000 to $500,000.

Q: Can you provide testimonials?


Yes, we can.

We have not promoted this business, and it is not our intention to do so as we focus predominantly on existing customers extending through our primary business fixedpriceextensions.com.au.

Q: How long does the initial $129 onsite inspection take, and why do you charge an initial fee? 


The onsite inspection takes about 1-2 hours to photo and measure the property.

In some cases, we use a 3D scanner based on the complexity of the project. You don't need to be home for the inspection, but we will need to be let in.

We apply this basic fee to cover some of our licensing and software costs and ensure that we have committed customers.

Q: How long have you been established? 


We have been operating continuously in residential construction as a company since 2012.

 This brand only emerged in mid-2021 to serve our existing customers with more substantial renovations in addition to their residential extension.

Q: Does the renovation work require building approval and or development approval? 


About 50% of renovation projects in the ACT do require building approval. The consequences of not obtaining building approval can be significant, primarily when you sell your property.

If the scope of works changes the structural integrity of the residential premises, then yes, it will likely trigger the need for (BA) building approval.

 In Step 3, when we provide the price indicator report, we will document the likelihood of Building Approval.

Q: Will we need to move out, and if so, how long? 


Ok... this is a more complex question; if we are undertaking an extension and renovation, generally no.

If we program the build, the reality is that we may be able to eliminate or minimise the need for you to vacate.

If you need to move out, we have 3 or 4 properties that we can lease to you at cost for 1-8 weeks.

Again once we know the project's scope, we can let you know the likely duration, and our time guarantee will back this.

Q: Can I source my own fittings and products?


Yes, that is the short answer. However, the inclusions and items will need to meet Australian standards and some codes outlined under ACT legislation.

We can discuss this when we move into Step 4.

Unlike some businesses, we don't get rebates or direct discounts. These arrangements force clients to use certain supply businesses, and then the builder gets paid based on turnover. This is unethical and limits the product range open to the customer.

We allow our customers to use their allowances freely.

For example, let's assume you wanted to recarpet your 100sqm section for a property, and the allowance was $40per sqm.

  • The value of the component was $4000 inc GST.
  • You had a friend that owned a carpet shop and could provide that at $20 per SQM, which equates to $2000 inc GST
  • The difference in the HIA allowance and what it cost is $2000, and therefore, you would benefit $2000 inc GST.
Our agreements are plain English and document what is included and how those values are arrived at.

Our appointed inclusions coordinators Simone and Adam, will outline this for you during your selection and inclusion phase, and it will be documented in your HIA agreement.


Q: Will you take on a half-finished project?


No, but we will refer you to trades that may be in a position to assist.

Q: Who would we contact during the project?


The business has three site coordinators per project manager, and these employees circulate through projects daily. You can speak with them about site issues.

You will receive a project email and update letter each week in terms of project progress and advancement. These reports outline the time progress and any significant issues.

If you would like a weekly zoom progress meeting with the builder, this can be facilitated.

Q: Are we able to do our own work, i.e. we have our electrician.


We would prefer not to have this happen. If you have family or a friend that is a trade, then the experience is that they often slow down jobs.

 Usually leaned upon to do the work at "mates rates", they become tough to schedule. If this is a deal-breaker, please discuss it in stage 3 to potentially agree on the scope of work proposed to be undertaken by your trades.

Q: What happens if there is asbestos found?


There are legislative requirements that we must meet when handling and disposing of asbestos in the ACT.

 It's relatively inexpensive to undertake asbestos testing, generally $500. If we suspect that there will be asbestos in the property, we will identify that in stage three, and it will be outlined to you in that meeting.

Q: If we have had work done to our home, should we update the building file and how do we do it?


If you have had work done to your existing home and your building file is outdated- we can draw up plans showing your existing residence. These plans are submitted to the building counter at Access Canberra who can update the building file. To have these plans classed as approved, a certifier can complete an Exemption B + D Notice which makes sure that all previous renovation work was exempt from BA and DA.